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Jumping into a new school website is no easy task. Without a website developer on staff, it’s hard for your school to even know where to begin or where the budget will come from. 

Composed of admissions office veterans, marketing experts and full-time website developers, Blue Baden is helping independent schools master the challenges of website development by offering flexible website packages with payments over multiple budget cycles.

A Partnership That Checks All The Boxes:

A Website Your School Deserves

South Kent School's new website is very fresh and relevant for today’s environment as we leave the ‘Old Stone Age” format behind. It's inviting and engaging on what makes South Kent School a quality institution, what makes it unique and what it has to offer. This is unlike any other secondary school that is out there. BRAVO!

South Kent School

Notable Alumnus

It’s so exciting to see the Southwestern Academy brand come to a new life with a website that shares our story in exciting ways. Our new website is a powerful admissions tool that attracts prospective families and keeps them moving through our admissions funnel.

Southwestern Academy

Director of Admission


Capture Your
Audience On Their Favorite Devices

Over 60% of all global internet traffic comes from mobile devices.

Following Google’s search algorithm guidelines, Blue Baden designs every website mobile-first to increase search performance and capture audiences from all devices. Our responsive design creates a seamless experience that tells your school’s story from every entry point. 

Step 1


Establishing the strategic infrastructure & efficient project plan

Step 2


Extensive, custom design exploration & content creation

Step 3


In-house website development & internal testing

Step 4


Built-in client review, feedback & edit time directly into project timeline

Step 5


Dedicated launch date & monitoring with full IT and digital marketing support

Benefits of Working With Us

Strategic Execution:

Our Mantra is to “make things easy for you.” With a full-service marketing, communications and admissions team, Blue Baden is your all-in-one solution who will do all the planning and executing.


Our team works at a pace that is comfortable for your team. We integrate our process into your weekly schedule to ensure a smooth project timeline.


We understand marketing and communication neeeds are a big investment for a small independent school. That’s why we offer flexible monthly payment plans.

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