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The most comprehensive on-demand library of marketing & communications tools & training for independent schools

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Blue Baden was founded on the belief of helping independent schools reach their full growth potential through expert admissions marketing, communications and  strategic planning. We understand the complex problems independent schools face on a daily basis:

Blue Baden+ is the most comprehensive digital platform where you can find over one hundred tools, templates, guides, examples and best practices for marketing, communications and strategic planning. These guided modules will maximize your resources and increase your school’s performance.

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As experts in the independent school market, Blue Baden is well aware of the common challenges and needs of schools.

We have created the leading digital library of tools, best practices and templates for admissions marketing, communications and strategic planning. All members have on-demand access to all these tools, monthly webinars and more.

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Who Should Use Blue Baden+

Do you have similar challenges?

  • Small budget, but big expectations
  • Department doesn’t have all the expertise that is needed
  • Department has more work than resources

How Blue Baden+ Helps You

  • BB+ provides you with tools and solutions for all your marketing and communication needs.
  • BB+ gives you a toolkit that allows ANYBODY to use for quick and easy execution.
  • BB+ enables you with tools and templates to plan ahead. 
  • BB+ gives you access to subject matter experts at monthly planning and education webinars.

Do you have similar challenges?

  • Competing priorities.
  • Small budget and small team.
  • Not enough time to get the job done
  • Competing priorities
  • Wearing multiple hats and need skills in a variety of aras
  • Lack of direction given and often left alone with big projects/problems

How Blue Baden+ Helps You

  • BB+ provides you with a complete library of tools, templates, best practices, presentations and other documents for all your marketing and communication needs.
  • BB+ enables you to get more done in less time. 
  • Participate in monthly education and planning webinar with access to experts and peers.
  • BB+ gives you access to guides, templates and examples to develop marketing and communication strategies and plans
  • BB+ provides you with example content and recommendations for your Social Media Communication 

Do you have similar challenges?

  • Declining or flat revenue. 
  • Need for creating a new long-term vision and strategic plan
  • Staff in admission have 3 hats on. Marketing and communication is not as good as it needs to be. 
  • Board of trustees keeps changing the priorities.

How Blue Baden+ Helps You

  • BB+ provides you with a complete framework, including guides, templates and tools to create a new vision and strategic plan for the school and break it down by department into actionable implementation plans.
  • BB+ provides your school with an education and execution platform/library for your staff for ongoing support, education and execution.
  • Provides your staff with access to monthly planning and education webinars that are specifically designed to address the needs of the next month. 
  • Provides fully integrated value added execution and consulting services for areas where additional needs arise if desired.

*Early Bird Sign-Up Discount​

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