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Admission Management is challenging, complex and requires the management of a lot of moving parts. Often, all of this has to be done with limited resources in an ever changing market. 

Composed of boarding school veterans, Blue Baden is helping boarding schools to master the challenges that an admission department faces. Regardless if you just need some special project support or if you need complete admission operations support, Blue Baden will help you. Some of the common challenges we are helping our clients with: 

  • School Positioning and Target Market Strategies
  • Growth Strategy Development
  • Admission Office and Process Optimization
  • New Programming Strategies
  • Assessments and Solution Development
  • Admission Office Management
  • Admission Pipeline Management Optimization
  • Enrollment Optimization
  • Execution Support

We are aware that each school is different and has its own unique challenges. For this reason, all our services are customized to your specific needs. This also includes how we engage with you and how our services integrate into your organization.

Marketing & Communications

Our Marketing and Communications services were specifically designed to provide schools with a one-stop-shop opportunity. More often than not, our clients have great ideas, but have only limited resources to execute them. In addition, where expertise and experience is limited, Blue Baden adds deep subject expertise across the entire spectrum of Marketing and Communication. 

With Blue Baden, you don’t have to manage a highly fragmented process and multiple vendors and people. We know when your next school event is, make sure that your Social Media is actively posting about it and your website is current. Any material you might need is done, and all of it is done with consistent messaging and within your budget. 

Regardless of your needs, Blue Baden offers the full set of Marketing and Communication services:  

  • Website Development and Maintenance
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Writing, Copyediting and Proofreading
  • Outbound marketing: Newsletter, List Management, Contact Nurturing, Admission Department Support, Fundraising
  • Digital Marketing Services (paid and unpaid)
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Creative Services, View Books, Ads, Flyers, Booklets and more
  • Fundraising Marketing Support
  • Event preparation
  • Video production and Photography
  • Alumni Magazine Development
  • Annual Report Design
  • Custom Projects

Execution: Our Mantra is to “make things happen and easy for you”. Our dedicated Marketing and Communication strategist integrates into your team like an internal resource. Right at the beginning of our engagement with you, we develop an overall plan for the school year (or the remainder of it) and have a “rolling” three month execution plan with all the detailed activities. 

Website Development: For projects like website development, within the first 2 weeks you will receive a detailed project plan with a concrete launch date for your website (our average website development time is approximately 3 months. Blue Baden also develops the content for your website. No need for you to write the content. You just focus on reviewing and approving it. 

Admission Department Integration: Our Marketing and Communications team is used to tightly working with or within the Admission Department. In that role, they are well tuned into the needs of Admission. Our tools and methodologies will help to improve and optimize the effectiveness of your Marketing and Communication. 

Strategic Plans: Due to our specialization in boarding schools, we developed best practices, tools and templates that our clients can utilize to improve Marketing and Communications. We understand the admission pipeline phases and what type of communication is required at what point of time throughout a year. 

Budget: We work within your budget.

Special Projects

Many of our clients have the need for support of special projects. Due to their nature, often it is challenging to execute these projects within the normal school operation or special skills are required. Blue Baden provides special project support with our senior industry experts. Here are some examples:

  • Fundraising strategy and support
  • School positioning and message development; Brand development
  • Process and system infrastructure review, implementation and  improvements
  • Curriculum Assessment and Planning
  • Co-Curricular Programming Evaluation and Implementation
  • Student Experience Evaluation and Implementation
  • Faculty Recruitment
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