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Our Philosophy

When you work with Blue Baden, you will experience services like ours in a completely new way. Here is what you need to know: 

  • Resources: Blue Baden is solely focused on the Boarding School industry. Regardless, if you need help with your Admission Department or with Marketing and Communication, our resources will bring a deep understanding of challenges and solutions in the boarding school industry. 
  • Fully integrated into your team: We don’t see use as a vendor, but as an integral part of your team. Our resources behave exactly how you would expect it from an internal employee. It is our objective to fully integrate into your structure and processes. 
  • We get things done: We take pride that our clients say that “Blue Baden gets things done!” Most of our clients have a backlog of tasks and projects that need to get done. First we focus on eliminating the backlog and then ensure future tasks are done on time. 
  • We like plans: We believe in putting plans, timelines, deadlines, strategies and execute according to these plans. We want to introduce operational transparency for the multitude of projects you have and allow you to focus on other things, while we take care of your needs. 
  • We make it easy for you: In boarding schools most people have “many hats on”. We consider it our job to make things easy for you as it relates to the responsibilities we have. 


Case Studies

How you engage with us depends on your needs. Since all our client engagements are highly tailored towards our clients needs, we give you some examples of how schools are engaging with us:

Need: Client needed strategic help in repositioning the school for new markets and to improve the admission process. In addition they needed marketing and communication support, since they no longer had any staff for this function. 

Engagement: Our senior Admission consultant is working directly with the assistant head of the school on positioning and admission improvements. The Blue Baden Marketing and Communication Strategist is working as the acting head of marketing and communications, reporting to the assistant head of school and coordinating all the marketing related activities.

Need: Client was in need of a complete school transformation, Admission Office Support and Marketing/Communication Support. 

Engagement: A Senior Organization Transformation Expert is working directly with the CEO on a long-term business and transformation plan. One of our senior admission experts is working as the acting director of Admission and is reporting in this function to the CEO. One of our Marketing strategists is coordinating all marketing and communication activities, including the development of a new website. She is reporting directly to the Director of Admission.

Need: Client needed to improve the way the school is managing its admission funnel. 

Engagement: Blue Baden has been working with the senior management and Admission department defining the needs and assessing the weaknesses. Our admission and marketing experts implemented HubSpot CRM and a new semi-automated admission outbound marketing strategy that was seamlessly integrated into other systems used by the school. Along with the system, new processes were implemented.

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